Q. Are the strips easy to fit?
A. Yes. The surface just needs to be clean and dry. Full instructions are sent with each pack.

Q. How big an area will a pack of strips cover?
A. If the strips are set one inch apart then a pack of eight will cover an area 16 inches long by 15 inches wide (410mm x 380mm). A normal bath may only need seven strips.

Q. Are they easy to clean?
A. The strips require no special cleaning – just use your normal non abrasive bath or shower cleaner. No additional maintenance is required. They do not attract mould.

Q. Will they work on any shower or bath?
A. Yes they are suitable for smooth enamel, ceramic and acrylic (plastic) surfaces. The surface must not be rough, cracked or textured as this will reduce the effectiveness of the adhesive.

Q. Are they ok to use on a bath or shower that has been resurfaced?
A. It is not advised that they be used because the powerful adhesive may damage the surface if the strips are removed.

Q. How long will the strips last?
A. The strips are very durable and will outlast rubber shower mats. Many of our customers are using the set of strips they bought from us several years ago.

Q. What happens if a strip gets damaged – can it be removed?
A. Yes, by gently pulling away from the surface from one end, touching surface to surface. This breaks the strands of adhesive. Clean off any remaining adhesive with a small amount of white spirit on a soft cloth.

Q. Can they be shortened if necessary?
A. Yes. They can be cut with pair of sharp scissors.

Q. How do I pay for my purchase?
A. Payment is made via the secure online payment system provided by Paypal which also allows you to pay by credit and debit card.

Q. Will the strips work on a tiled surface?
A They will work on smooth (i.e. not textured) tiles that are non porous. It is best to cut an individual piece for each tile rather than putting a long piece over several tiles. Otherwise water can get under the tape at the joints between tiles and weaken the adhesive.